Bandarawela Hotel


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A quiet, tranquil town, there are surprisingly a lot of places to visit in Bandarawela. Some near, some far, but all worth the time it takes to get there. For an inside look at one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful places, try one of our excursions:

Waterfall Wonders
There are a number of waterfalls in and around Bandarawela that are great for a refreshingly cool dip. The Rawana Ella Waterfall (15 km), Dunhinda Waterfall (32 km), and the Diyaluma Waterfall (34 km) are a few such located in Ella near the hotel. The crisp mountain water thrillingly flows from elevated heights, some over 560 feet; and is a popular attraction for those staying in Hotels in Ella and Bandarawela Holiday Resorts.

More Tea Please
28 km away lies Lipton’s Seat, a favourite lookout point of Sir Thomas Lipton, the great tea pioneer, who from that position surveyed the surrounding lands when planning for his initial tea plantation. Another place for a fantastic view of tea plantations and the surrounding region is Pilkington View Point, a 40 minute drive from the hotel.

Other nearby excursions include the Demodara Railway Loop, Horton Plains, the Dowe Rock Temple, Adisham Monastery, the Bogoda Wooden Bridge and Temple, and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens.

For more information on Sri Lankan adventures or to schedule a visit to any of the above excursions feel free to schedule it at our Travel Desk or contact us online.