Earl's Regent Kandy


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Tucked away within the heart of the hill capital, Earl’s Regent is uniquely located amongst hotels in Kandy, Sri Lanka to offer guests the best of both worlds; while we are set amidst the truly breathtaking natural scenery of the island’s hill country, many of the city’s famed attractions such as the Temple of the Tooth and the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are also within easy reach of our hotel. Kandy is steeped in history and a rich cultural heritage that is very much a part of its identity. Be it the tranquility of nature or the city’s old world charm, Earl’s Regent lets you fully experience the wonders of this ancient capital in peace.

From Earl’s Regent

Distance to nearest city or town: 4.5 KM
Distance to nearest train station: 4.5 KM
Distance to nearest bus station: 4.5 KM
Distance to the Bandaranaike International Airport: 112 KM
Distance to Colombo (Commercial Capital): 115 KM


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