Earl's Regent Kandy

Shopping in Kandy

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Move through the hustle and bustle of vendors setting up shop followed by inquisitive locals who engage in the art of bargaining their way through at the Market in Kandy Sri Lanka. Things to do here are many, but when in the city, be sure to stop by this market which is known for variety and a level of vibrancy linked with shopping in Kandy, that is unmatched anywhere else in the city.

Stalls of fresh fruit, vegetables and local spices would be hard to miss out on while the market would be a suitable place to pick and choose from an array of handicrafts, batiks, handlooms and jewellery. Finely crafted brassware, silverware and woodwork are amongst the souvenirs made available here. Even cushion covers featuring traditional Kandyan work or coloured devil masks can be purchased at an affordable rate.

In total, one would require an hour or so to cover the entirety of the Kandy Market which is nothing short of a journey through the grandeur of the hill capital.