Earl's Regency

Things to Do

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There are multiple activities in Kandy for visitors to partake in – shopping and dining are wonderful ways to pass the time, but to really experience Kandy you must see the walls of the sacred Dalada Maligawa and touch the grooves of hand-carved traditional masks. To schedule any of the following activities in Kandy, feel free to visit our on-site Travel Desk or contact us online.

The recent addition of the Kandy City Centre adds a modern touch to shopping in Kandy, but if you’re looking to mingle, the old Kandy marketplace is the place to go. Wonderful cultural souvenirs can be found including carved, decorative masks, elephants, and other trinkets.

Hike a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Knuckles mountain range is a series of peaks which, from a distance, resembles the knuckles of a closed fist. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage site and is wonderful for trekking and hiking, giving climbers a unique insight to the flora and fauna available there. Another nearby mountain that climbers would enjoy is the Hanthana Mountain Range.

Take a City Tour
Kandy is filled with religious sites, cultural centres, and breathtaking architectural wonders. City tours are a great way of visiting various places and understanding the comprehensive history of the land. There are also traditional dances scheduled in the local market for all to witness and participate in.