Earl's Regency

A Message To Our Guests

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Dear Loyal Guests,


In response to the currently circulating image of one of our buffet tags photographed yesterday, the hotel would like to firstly, convey our unconditional apologies to our valued guests for the miscommunication that has occurred.

We understand that an apology, however sincere, may not be sufficient in light of the distress and disappointment our stakeholders may feel. We are deeply respectful of our guests’ dietary requirements and we take pride in our efforts to be inclusive in our offerings and experience.

We have investigated the error in communication and have taken immediate steps to make sure such grave errors are not repeated. The management team has also taken steps to conduct several re-training sessions to prevent similar errors in the future at all our hotels.

Once again, the hotel deeply regrets the situation and we seek your kind understanding. All our guests, no matter their background, are important to us and the error is in no way a reflection of Aitken Spence Hotels service and operational standards.

We are distressed and embarrassed to have gone through this with you.

We remain committed to you our loyal guests and appreciate the support many of you have shown us during this challenging time.


Yours Faithfully,

Buweneka Bandara

Resort Manager – Earl’s Regency Hotel