Amethyst Passikudah


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Amethyst Resort includes a pool bar to quench your thirst and “the Barrel Bar” – an archetypal pub which serves a variety of beverages and pub foods together with “Taprobane”, serves the best seafood specialties on the Eastern coast, give several dining options during your stay.

Taprobane This charming restaurant overlooking the stream creates an unparalleled seafood dining experience. Indulge in fresh seafood that the region is famous for, transformed into sumptuous, mouth-watering cu... Learn More
The Barrel - Bar We'll have a Barrel of fun rings true here in more ways than one. The Barrel is a trendy Mediterranean-style pub offering a wide range of Cocktails, the best Beers, and a wide array of alcohol to keep... Learn More
The Cool Pool Bar The fabulous pool bar is the ideal spot to enjoy light snacks as well as a choice of refreshing and invigorating cocktails by the pool. You can sip to your heart's content while taking in the views of... Learn More
Dine on Barge A once in life time experience during your stay at the Amethyst Resort. A private dinner on a floating pontoon in the famous stream at the resort, served in the candle light by your boatman. Learn More
Authentic Batticaloa Cuisine Authentic Batticaloa Cuisine, sensational dishes characterized by distinctive ingredients and techniques unique to the local culture and geographic region. Learn More