Aitken spence Hotels


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Aitken Spence Hotels operates a chain of 22 hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and the Maldives under two premier brands: Heritance Hotels and Resorts and Adaaran Resorts and Spa. Each of our unique properties caters to a diverse client base, having hotels suited to every need and budget while maintaining the high standards of hospitality which we are synonymous with.

Located in key tourist locations, the Aitken Spence chain boasts of exotic properties such as the award winning eco-friendly Heritance Kandalama which is situated in close proximity to two UNESCO world heritage sites, and the Desert Nights Camp in Oman, rated as one of the top ten desert retreats in the world.

Our distinctive collection of hotels and our reputation for excellence make us a leader in the global hospitality industry. Make your next vacation a memorable one with Aitken Spence Hotels.