Aitken spence Hotels


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Our unique Third Dimension Food envisions a philosophy based on a threefold foundation of taste, presentation and health. As part of our Aitken Spence principle of responsible tourism, we believe that we can deliver the finest in international cuisine, which is at the same time healthy. Aitken Spence Hotels & Resorts are a trend setter in cuisine, in all four destinations where present. If you are a gourmet seeking the finest culinary experiences and mouthwatering Sri Lankan cuisine at one of the top hotels in Sri Lanka, then Aitken Spence Hotels & Resorts are a must in your itinerary. We also offer a unique blend of the best international trends, with a millennia of traditional cooking culture that continues in Sri Lanka. Restaurants at Aitken Spence Hotels are supervised by our world class Chef who has won nine gold medals at the Culinary Olympics and the Culinary World Cup. Our kitchen, complying with international standards in food safety and hygiene, serves out a vast range of delicious dishes, which you could not fully sample even if you stayed at the hotel for two weeks.

The restaurants at Aitken Spence Hotels combine the best traditions of international fine dining, making the meals here a unique experience for each guest.