Aitken spence Hotels


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Weddings, meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, reunions, birthday parties, private parties, cocktail parties – the reasons to get together are endless and so are your options.

A successful event comprises three things: location, menu, and attention to detail. Aitken Spence Hotels, offering a host of event venues in Sri Lanka, is changing how people meet and work. From easy-to-book venues to personalized dining options, and from charming yet effective décor to event amenities, we’ve got you covered. Venues are of utmost importance and the right setting can increase workflow thereby increasing results.

Smart foods from our ‘third dimension cuisine’ range promote meals that look good, taste good, and are good for you with a formula that combines taste, presentation, and health, energizing your attendees rather than making them lethargic. Anything you need for a successful event can be found with Aitken Spence; whether it is as obvious as a projector or as irregular as an elephant.

We know that all work and no play makes for a dull day; our event venues are located in our award-winning hotels in Sri Lanka, Oman and the Maldives. A variety of post and pre event activities can be scheduled to entertain your attendees while creating a spectacular event.

Make your event an unforgettable one that is effective in accomplishing the goal you set for yourself and your event with Aitken Spence Hotels.

Corporate Events

In our aspiration to offer a myriad of services that will encompass a true Aitken Spence experience, we are also prepared to assist you, with your corporate requirements. We spare no effort in ensuring that all corporate retreats, outings and events are carried out with the zest and professionalism required to ensure all your events a veritable success. Join us, as we conjure the ideal combination of rest and relaxation along with the corporate requirements of today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Other Functions

Be it a wedding anniversary, batch reunion, private dinner or a birthday party, all arrangements from the start of the event to the conclusion are carried out with absolute aplomb. From the assortment of cuisine, to the cocktail function, we make it our responsibility to deliver on all fronts.